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Wandering… I have a lust for wandering, wandering the great mighty mountains, and the low river banks. A lust to wander the depth of the ocean floors, To roam around the Milan streets, peeking into my favorite stores. I’m craving to find adventures and surrealism in the ordinary and familiar. I hunger to find out more… Continue reading Wandering…

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SAMUIL!!! =)

Good Evening Everybody! Yesterday was my big brother’s birthday, Samuil; So, I wanted to dedicate a post to him, and all his awkward stages growing up, since he is now TWENTY and I just cannot handle it! I realize that most people would post a birthday post on the person’s actual birthday, but that would be just too… Continue reading SAMUIL!!! =)

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Writing 201: Poetry – Day 3 – Trust, Acrostic, Internal Rhyme

It is now day 3 of the Writing 201: Poetry Course and this is an acrostic poem about Trust, (with internal rhyme). Enjoy! 🙂 Trust, is something to be earned. Trust, is something sacred. Trust is Reverence and certainty. But who can you trust; in this tainted Universe brimming with misguided people who Slovenly toss your emotions aside? Alas, I cannot tell… Continue reading Writing 201: Poetry – Day 3 – Trust, Acrostic, Internal Rhyme