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Burning Shadows + Comforting Darkness

April 3rd, 2017 So, this is a very personal poem that I wrote about dealing with my feelings a little while back and I thought I’d share it with you guys. And please, if you ever feel this way, reach out! Reach out to your family, to friends, to a counselor. Just anyone you feel… Continue reading Burning Shadows + Comforting Darkness

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Labels. 09-19-2016

“Selena,” they tell me, “It’s time to make a choice. You need to decide which label to take off the table, one to carry w/ you wherever you go. You shall wear it like a big clunky pin attached to your skin, so we don’t have to squint too hard to see it, So you can… Continue reading Labels. 09-19-2016

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America Wears a Mask.

America wears a mask. The mask of generosity. The mask of giving choice. The mask of acceptance. And the mask of hearing your voice. They say they listen. They say they understand. They say, “stand up and speak.” Yet they muffle your voice with their hand. America the great. America the brave. But how many… Continue reading America Wears a Mask.

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For Wednesday, March 9th: Daily Post//Daily Prompt Object of affection. Object of desire. But object you are not, Because objects don’t breathe And objects don’t feel. Object of affection. Object of desire. But object you are not, Because objects don’t have the sky in their eyes Nor the mountains in their hair. Object of affection. Object… Continue reading Object…

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A Whimsical Water Whim

T’was the summer of two oh ten, The air: humid and tumultuous, once again. My brother and I, in Indianapolis dwelled, For a mere two weeks, we were upheld By our dear friends, whom we now see scarce of. But still think of fondly, with kind love. We walked down the path, the three of us, Searching… Continue reading A Whimsical Water Whim

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Wandering… I have a lust for wandering, wandering the great mighty mountains, and the low river banks. A lust to wander the depth of the ocean floors, To roam around the Milan streets, peeking into my favorite stores. I’m craving to find adventures and surrealism in the ordinary and familiar. I hunger to find out more… Continue reading Wandering…