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A Whimsical Water Whim

T’was the summer of two oh ten, The air: humid and tumultuous, once again. My brother and I, in Indianapolis dwelled, For a mere two weeks, we were upheld By our dear friends, whom we now see scarce of. But still think of fondly, with kind love. We walked down the path, the three of us, Searching… Continue reading A Whimsical Water Whim

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SAMUIL!!! =)

Good Evening Everybody! Yesterday was my big brother’s birthday, Samuil; So, I wanted to dedicate a post to him, and all his awkward stages growing up, since he is now TWENTY and I just cannot handle it! I realize that most people would post a birthday post on the person’s actual birthday, but that would be just too… Continue reading SAMUIL!!! =)

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To My Dream Reader: Blogging 101 January 2015

So, this is one of the assignments for the Blogging 101 course I am currently taking. It was due a few days ago, but since I was busy with a bit of school, a bit of dance, and a bit of procrastinating, I am doing it tonight. The task is to write a post to my dream reader,… Continue reading To My Dream Reader: Blogging 101 January 2015