All the basic info you need to know, summed up in a poem. 🙂

Hello fellow bloggers, readers, and strangers!

My name is Selena, and in this virtual game of life, I love each and every one of the players.

I was born in Bulgaria, and immigrated to Las Vegas when I was only two.

My parents wanted a new, and improved life for themselves, myself, and my older brother too.

So, for 16 years, I dealt with the brisk desert heat,

And battled* the bullies on my neighborhood street.

But I found my escape through writing and dance,

Blissful, momentary escapes, which always put me in a trance.

I caught the ballet blues at the age of seven,

And it had spread deep into my heart by the time I reached eleven.

Now I am constantly in combat with the struggles of being a teenager,

While trying to transition into the acceptable adult life behavior.

I have embarked on marvelous unexpected undertakings, all thanks to dance,

And through it, my life has been greatly enhanced.

I traveled the world, from Vegas to Denmark, to Bulgaria, to Spain.

And one thing I’ve learned, is to always take a chance and dance in the rain.**

Recently, dance brought me on another great adventure,

A risky, and bold venture.

I lived in Houston, TX, from the fall of 2014: September,

till June of 2015, and with me was only one family member.***

I studied all morning doing my school via the internet,

Then trained in the afternoons, giving all my tears, blood, and sweat.

Though soon Senior year rolled around and my life took a twist,

So I moved back to the Vegas and made quite a shift.

I went on a hiatus from dance,

And decided to give my education a chance.

I’m not sure what life has in store for me now,

And though I don’t know if it’ll be great, I hope you will join me anyhow.

*By this I mean I told my big brother, and he dealt with the situation.
**Metaphorically, and literally. :p
***My mother. :*

Warm regards, Selena ♣


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