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A Whimsical Water Whim

T’was the summer of two oh ten,

The air: humid and tumultuous, once again.

My brother and I, in Indianapolis dwelled,

For a mere two weeks, we were upheld

By our dear friends, whom we now see scarce of.

But still think of fondly, with kind love.

We walked down the path, the three of us,

Searching for worms, in a fuss.

Once we had our bait,

We took off for the lake at a bewildering rate.

As we sat down in the grass,

I snapped some photos for the time to pass.

I lay there almost half-asleep,

When a slimy fish, finally, snacked on our sweet treat.

My brother tugged and out

popped a gaping mouth.

Attached to the hook, a flimsy lil’ trout.

I squirmed with childish delight,

and my brother stood proud, in the pale sunlight.

After the moment was captured in a tiny silver square,

We threw it back, because kill, we wouldn’t dare.

My brother then gestured to the end of the pole,

And asked me to take off the seaweed, dangling whole.

So I reached out, with my free hand, then pulled back and threw.

Though, when I looked down, I could see the greenery still there,

but missing was the shiny silver box, which was but few months new.

As my brother fished it out,

I cried and panicked, much like the lake trout.

Though little I knew,

That the last picture snapped, a worm dangling askew,

Would be taken under the deep murky blue.

So, this is a true story I wrote in poetic fashion of a 2010 summer experience. Hope it made you laugh at how incompetent I am. 🙂

Whimsical Regards,


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