life · poetry



I have a lust for wandering,

wandering the great mighty mountains, and the low river banks.

A lust to wander the depth of the ocean floors,

To roam around the Milan streets, peeking into my favorite stores.

I’m craving to find adventures and surrealism in the ordinary and familiar.

I hunger to find out more and for my thoughts becoming clearer.

I want to travel to my deepest desires,

and immerse myself in joyful innocent pleasures.

I wish to plunge into the unknown

and surface from nomadic undertakings of lands forsworn.

I long to submerge myself in knowledge and experience.

I crave to be alive and kind and thankful and discover brilliance.

I thirst to wander around the world and wander in my heart.

I want to wander far away and nowhere at all.

I need to wander, and wander I shall start.

Inspiration from “All the Bright Places” by Jennifer Niven

Wandering my thoughts,



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