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To My Dream Reader: Blogging 101 January 2015

So, this is one of the assignments for the Blogging 101 course I am currently taking. It was due a few days ago, but since I was busy with a bit of school, a bit of dance, and a bit of procrastinating, I am doing it tonight. The task is to write a post to my dream reader, or a post I would want them to read. I am not going to reveal the name of this dream reader, but I am sure that if/when they can read this blog, they will know it is for them. This is a poem, from the heart, to another heart in need of more love and comfort.

Hello dear family member,

I hope this will get to you in that dark dreary hospital center.

Letters put into words put into sentences put into stanzas, will not be able to describe the bond I share with you,

But I wanted to say just how much I love you.

So here it goes, I’ll try my best.

You are always the light which guides me to lift myself up when I fall down.

The smile and laughter which turn my melancholy frown upside down.

The creative spark in an overflowing world of monotonous shadows.

The gentle harp, in a room crowded with treacherous, out-of-tune pianos.

You are my hero in a place where on every corner, stands a criminal.

An ingenious visionary human-being, and nothing short of a summer-born miracle.

It fascinates me how beautiful the precious treasures are, created by your own two hands,

And I want you to know, I am your number one devotee a midst all the fans.

Your dark auburn eyes constantly have a hint of glimmer,

And your tremendous charming smile is always a winner.

Your personality has not even but one fault,

And I know you’ll make it through this unfair and cruel internal assault.

You’re the stronger, kindest, bravest soul I’ve ever met,

And I hope this poem will give you even more courage to fight, through the tears and through the sweat.

With everything you do and make, and with every conversation, you leave your own special touch,

And for that and everything else, I love you, oh so very very much.

Warm hugs,



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