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Dance 🍃

            Ballet is made to look very gracious and effortless on stage, though few outsiders get a chance to learn what it’s really like behind the pink tights and sugarplum tutu. As a person who lives and breathes dance on a daily basis, believe me when I say, in my personal opinion, it is the hardest sport/art. It requires loads of self discipline, super strength, extreme flexibility, keeping the right body shape/form, and etc. To be a dancer means you go through torturous pain almost every single day. One day it will be a bloody blister the size of a quarter and the next it will be a pulled muscle, or maybe just very tight calves. We have to think about so many things at once, like keeping our hips turned out, feet pointed, abs engaged, chin lifted and to top it all off, we have to smile and make it look like we are not dying a very slow and painful death on the inside. To be frank, I think that what makes it so difficult is the fact that it is a sport, and an art. In my chart it ranks in both categories. Though some people may agree to disagree on this point, I stand firm by my belief.

I myself am constantly on the edge of an injury. I feel as though each day, I inch closer and closer to the cliff; nevertheless, at the end of each day I still feel accomplished and take time to step back a few paces and recover from the classes. Despite all this, I still love it! No, sorry correction, on account of all this, I love it. I love the sweat, tears and even the blood. I feel it is all worth it and necessary for us to be able to build our staircase to success. Besides, dance is the only thing which lets me express all these feelings. Even now, it is hard to write it all down; it is much easier to just dance it out. As the Persian poet Rumi once said, “Dancing is not just getting up painlessly, like a leaf blown on the wind; dancing is when you tear your heart out and rise out of your body to hang suspended between the worlds.” I think this quote sums up just about everything else I have to say. 🍃🌾🍂
Lots of sweaty dancer hugs,


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