Artsy ✏️📷💃

Hello fellow bloggers/readers. Selena here! This is my first ever blog post, and I’m not really quite sure what I am supposed to write in this magic box, which counts my every word as I type. However, since it is all mine, and there are an infinite amount of words comprised of letters, I will write as I wish, with no regard for the rules, cause I’m a rebel. 😉 I’ve decided to make my first post about what I like to do, so you can get to know me a little bit better before I start documenting my adventures and secrets of the future. Firstly, I LOVE to dance. It is my passion and it is the whole reason that I live in Houston right now. I strive to one day, hopefully not too far off, be a professional ballet dancer, and make my dream a reality. I love the feeling of being on stage, and transforming into another being. I love the air as it brushes against my skin when I soar in a high jump. I even love the feeling of my legs aching, toes bleeding, heart pumping, and sweat dripping down my face. I just want to make sure that you know that I love this art form, because there will most likely be a lot of complaints in the posts to come; therefore, I thought you should know that even though it is a painful and heartbreaking career, I never lose my love for it. Besides dance, I also love writing, hence the blog. I really like writing poetry, stories, blogs, etc. I like how beautiful I can make the English language sound, and if I could, other languages as well. In addition to writing and dance, I also like taking photos. I like capturing the moment in a frozen image. It’s like being able to reach out and materialize those precious moments. Because even when your brain falters, the pictures will stay with you forever as a reminder of those happy times. I love the symbolism they carry. Well, those are just a few things I like to do for the most part. As you can most likely tell, I am an artsy person. There are also many other things I like to do however, obviously, such as: sleep, laugh, talk with friends, watch movies, read books, go “normal” dancing, swim at the beach, yoga, and the most important one of all, EAT! I love food. Whoever says all dancers don’t eat, have obviously not met me. There are a billion things more I could add to this list, but I’m afraid that if I add everything, my brain would spontaneously combust. So, that is the over-view of my life, and my next post will be a surprise! Seriously, I have no idea what the future holds. I am not a fortune teller, so who knows what I will write about! Only time will tell. So, thank you for reading, if anyone is reading that is.

Warm regards, 


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